Getting Serious About Protection: Simplicity and User Acceptance

Security is a complex subject, but complex security solutions have a poor track record of user acceptance and popular use. Public Key cryptography is a case in point; a very complex architecture and set of protocols and its own vocabulary created a strong barrier to acceptance. Antivirus is the opposite example; easy to use and cheap, its acceptance was lightning fast and universal. Embedding the technology and hiding all the rough edges is one strategy for popular acceptance. The idea of plug and play has always been popular. Incentives for simplicity can be significant.Technologists should be warned. Bizarre vernacular, multiple components that demand special training to install, configure and maintain, and complex documentation requirements are nails in the coffin lid. Ease of use and no or minimal instructions that are easy to understand are strong positives. Think of all the technology in the iPad and the enormous user population it has found, certainly a huge argument for making a very complex “something” a super easy to use mega-hit.The technology doesn’t have to be simple, actually quite the opposite. Complexity in the technology presents no issues until it gets to the user. Then, what the user sees and experiences does have to be easy to use and understand.Several years ago there was a serious movement to kill the term security in favor of a term without all the negative baggage. The result is use of assurance, protection, or another softer synonym, instead of the hard edged security.There hasn’t been a security mega-hit for a long time. Vulnerability scanning almost got there, but it never got cheap enough to load into every PC. Firewalls are probably the closest thing to a mega-hit, finding close to universal use within their niche. Adding SSL and VPN helped a lot. In all likelihood, some bright kids in a garage somewhere either have or will come up with the next great idea. Hopefully it will be a simple and complete solution.

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Creating a Working Relationship

The internet is a wonderful thing that has become a staple item in most people’s lives. While it is a wonderful way to distract one’s self for hours on end, the internet is also a vital tool for business and communication overall. One thing that many people like to be able to setup and use is virtual private networks, more simply known as VPNs. These networks give offices or individuals protected access to their organization via the internet for a much lower cost than other, more expensive systems. The desire for these kind of networks runs into some problems when dealing with satellite internet.For offices or people that are located in remote areas, there are not a lot of options for internet access. Dial-up used to be the only choice, leaving people to wait for mind numbing amounts of time for anything to be done and for pages to load. The internet capabilities that a person has with dial-up are extremely limited so going with satellite internet is the obvious choice. A person can get a high speed connection with satellite, something that is impossible with dial-up. While the connection speed might be tremendously faster than dial-up, satellite still has the inherent problem of latency.The delay in the exchange of information with satellite internet is an unavoidable consequence of the satellite signals having to travel thousands of miles within a matter of milliseconds. While this is a dramatic improvement from dial-up speeds, the issue of latency is where the problem surfaces with virtual private networks. VPNs need low latency and high-bandwidth in order to operate properly, and the high latency that comes with satellite presents a direct conflict with this fact. Satellite can provide high-bandwidth downloads, but any uploads are generally low-bandwidth. Virtual private networks need high-bandwidth for both uploads and downloads.While satellite internet and virtual private networks are not a perfect match, they can operate together under rather specific guidelines. The user must understand that the VPN will most likely operate at the same speed as if it were using a dial-up connection. If there are any problems, the user will have to figure out some way to get help since most satellite providers do not offer technical support for VPN. It is important that the user asks their satellite provider if they are including any IP spoofing techniques with their internet connection in order to improve performance, since this technique interferes with the establishment of virtual private network connections.Asking the satellite internet provider is the best way to determine whether a person’s internet connection is compatible with a virtual private network. Variations can depend on the type of package a person signs up for, so they should know the limitations and capabilities of their deal. Understanding the needs of a virtual private network and the abilities of a satellite connection is the best way to determine their compatibility. While it may take a little extra patience and work, a functioning relationship between the two should be reachable.

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Dee Zee | 13001 | GMC | C2500 Pickup | SIERRA XC, V8, 5.7 | Running

Dee Zee, Inc, based in Des Moines, Iowa, is celebrating over 28 years as a leading supplier of aftermarket truck accessories. Dee Zee announced their arrival with the introduction of 12 custom fit britetread or extruded aluminum running board applications at the 1977 Sema Show in Las Vegas. From that November to today, Dee Zeesâ mission is to market the highest quality truck products while satisfying the needs of their customers. Dee Zee has expanded the initial offering of 12 boards to over 120 running boards and accessories. Their product lines now boast over 80 different toolboxes, 20 tube products, 34 Mossy Oak® Break Up ⢠CAMO products, and 32 heavy-duty products. The various product lines account for over 2,000 total SKUâs.
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The Horrible Horror of Those Hideous Horror Movies

It’s time for those hideous Halloween Horrors, folks!So let’s ask, why are today’s Horror movies so horrific now?Have they finally reached the hideous pinnacle of horrific perfection they sought for all those decades? And whatever happened to those nostalgic horror classics of old that were quite benign in comparison? And are people glad, mad, or sad that high-tech special effects enhanced graphic scenes of horror are so freaking uber-realistic now?Over the past seventy years or more, horror movies have changed drastically – and horrifically. This eerie genre has literally evolved from low-budget, cheesy special effects driven B movies (although they’re considered memorable classics) to gorily graphic, hideous CGI enhanced masterpieces of horrific proportions. If you have ever seen the old classical movies about the Frankenstein monster, Dracula, the Wolf Man, the Mummy, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, even the Invisible Man, so on and so forth, they were indeed suspenseful thrillers, but I would not classify them as what we now know as Horror, considering the extreme changes that have evolved.Today’s horror movies involve enough blood to fill several bathtubs, enough carnage and gore to make a weak man vomit his entire entrails out, and truly realistic CGI special effects to make you think what you’re seeing is really happening, and such graphic scenes may induce hideous nightmares in your sleeping hours.We’ve got a slew of bloody slasher and serial killer flicks, armies of flesh and brain eating zombies, bloodsucking vampires, gruesome cannibals, and other grotesque creatures beyond your imagination, which are all just the tip of the iceberg.As if that’s not enough, the element of gruesome torture and violence has been brought into the spectrum, especially with the SAW franchise of movies. Forcing victims to inflict psychological or physical torture to free themselves (like sawing off your shackled leg to escape) has become very popular. Let’s not forget Strangeland, and the three Hostel movies. Then we have cannibalism flicks, such as Silence of the Lambs, The Hills Have Eyes, Ravenous, Cannibal Holocaust, etc.The Frankenstein monster, Dracula, the Wolf Man, the Mummy, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and all the rest, have been replaced by the likes of Michael Myers, Jason, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, Pinhead, Hannibal Lecter, and others. And of course legions of hideous zombies walk the Earth. There are so many zombie movies, dating back to the 1930s, that you’d go insane trying to count them all! I almost did! (I found them all on Wikipedia) And they’ve gotten so graphically horrific, I suspect they’re actually real! In fact, I’ve heard people (mostly conspiracy theorists and nut-jobs) declare that a zombie-type virus could in fact become a reality (perhaps due to diabolical genetic engineers playing God — or the Devil!) and a large-scale zombie pandemic now seems realistic and possible in our world! Yikes!We must ask the psychological questions: why do people want to be scared? Why do we wish to be exposed to violence and scenes of graphic horror? Being your typical carnival ride wimp, I was always leery of roller coasters and such gut-wrenching thrill rides, thinking I was going to fall out and plummet to my death — even though I was securely strapped in. On such insane rides sometimes I would see loose change or wallets or purses and other stuff flying from secured people in their seats. If I lost anything it would usually be my lunch. Although many people have stronger stomachs than I, who can more easily enjoy the thrills and chills, I admit I was not one of them. At first I even avoided horror movies, although as a child I did like the old classics, I suppose because they were usually void of great amounts of blood and gore and other gruesome scenes, which has become the hallmark of today’s horror movies. But in the last several years I’ve become desensitized and don’t mind seeing such hideous crap. I even learned to like those adorable zombies as they stumble about mindlessly and groan and moan all the time and tend to fancy eating brains, which are actually putrid disgusting creatures I would be repulsed by as a child.But do we want to be scared because we hope we will become desensitized to horror? Are we hiding from our own inner horrors by facing outer fabricated horrors? Or because we think we deserve to be victimized by some kind of element of horror in our lives? Do we think we deserve bad karma and therefore exposing ourselves to tons of horror movies will help us achieve self-inflicted retribution? Or is it just a way of getting away from our otherwise boring lives? I don’t know, but I’m still looking for the answer – or answers. So far, all I know is, I find certain kinds of horror movies are just fascinating — like those stumbling stupid goofy zombies. I particularly like the comedic versions, as portrayed in Shawn of the Dead, Fido, Zombieland, and Aaah! Zombies! and others.Alright, why are zombies in fashion now? Vampires have been in fashion for a long time, and less so to the Frankenstein monster, and although a few werewolves still run around, the comeback of the latest Wolf Man movie is making a vain attempt to bring werewolves further out of the closet. We’ve seen a few Mummy flicks, starring Brendan Fraser, but these would fall more in the Adventure genre. But most of today’s horrors are extremely intense in the blood and gore and violence and torture and such nightmare elements that is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. Some watchers may consider these movies as visual pollution, the stuff or hideous nightmares, whereas others see them as emotionally and psychologically stimulating. As if they deserved to be scared out of their freaking skulls!I wonder if anybody will resort to creating horror movies that revisits the style and melodrama of the old classics, where much is left to your imagination. Or are those days gone for good?We’ll see…* * *

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World Centric Corn Starch Forks, 24-Piece

World Centric offers a full line of biodegradable, compostable flatware made form non-GMO corn starch. Our corn starch utensils are made from 80 percent corn starch and 20 percent other biodegradable fillers. Each item is extremely durable and withstands temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. World Centric’s corn starch utensils will compost within 6-12 months in a commerical composting facility and 12-18 months in a backyard compost bin.
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Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro Aspherical Large Aperture Standard Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras

Large aperture zoom starting from 24mm and realizing a maximum aperture F-value of 2.8 As for the front element does not rotate at the time of focusing.
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