Thermoskin Heel Rite Daytime Plantar Fasciitis Support Wrap Small – Medium

The patented Heel-Rite provides effective daytime treatment for Plantar Fasciitis. The Thermoskin Heel-Rite has an adjustable arch strap which gently stretches the plantar fascia for pain relief and treatment. The support straps lift the arch and provide compression to the plantar fascia (arch area) for immediate relief. The Thermoskin Heel-Rite applies effective support to relieve tension and pain on the plantar fascia when the sufferer needs it most. The low profile design fits comfortably in your shoe and provides treatment during your normal activities. Adjustable top strap fits comfortably around ankle to hold Heel-Rite in place all day.
Thermoskin Heel-Rite Sizing Guide:

  • Small/Medium fits Men’s shoe size 6 -9 and Women’s shoe size 6 – 10
  • Large/X-Large fits Men’s shoe size 10 – 13 and Women’s 11 – 14

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