Creating a Working Relationship

The internet is a wonderful thing that has become a staple item in most people’s lives. While it is a wonderful way to distract one’s self for hours on end, the internet is also a vital tool for business and communication overall. One thing that many people like to be able to setup and use is virtual private networks, more simply known as VPNs. These networks give offices or individuals protected access to their organization via the internet for a much lower cost than other, more expensive systems. The desire for these kind of networks runs into some problems when dealing with satellite internet.For offices or people that are located in remote areas, there are not a lot of options for internet access. Dial-up used to be the only choice, leaving people to wait for mind numbing amounts of time for anything to be done and for pages to load. The internet capabilities that a person has with dial-up are extremely limited so going with satellite internet is the obvious choice. A person can get a high speed connection with satellite, something that is impossible with dial-up. While the connection speed might be tremendously faster than dial-up, satellite still has the inherent problem of latency.The delay in the exchange of information with satellite internet is an unavoidable consequence of the satellite signals having to travel thousands of miles within a matter of milliseconds. While this is a dramatic improvement from dial-up speeds, the issue of latency is where the problem surfaces with virtual private networks. VPNs need low latency and high-bandwidth in order to operate properly, and the high latency that comes with satellite presents a direct conflict with this fact. Satellite can provide high-bandwidth downloads, but any uploads are generally low-bandwidth. Virtual private networks need high-bandwidth for both uploads and downloads.While satellite internet and virtual private networks are not a perfect match, they can operate together under rather specific guidelines. The user must understand that the VPN will most likely operate at the same speed as if it were using a dial-up connection. If there are any problems, the user will have to figure out some way to get help since most satellite providers do not offer technical support for VPN. It is important that the user asks their satellite provider if they are including any IP spoofing techniques with their internet connection in order to improve performance, since this technique interferes with the establishment of virtual private network connections.Asking the satellite internet provider is the best way to determine whether a person’s internet connection is compatible with a virtual private network. Variations can depend on the type of package a person signs up for, so they should know the limitations and capabilities of their deal. Understanding the needs of a virtual private network and the abilities of a satellite connection is the best way to determine their compatibility. While it may take a little extra patience and work, a functioning relationship between the two should be reachable.

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